Obtaining a traffic camera video of a car accident can be a fundamental step in proving what happened and establishing fault. This video evidence can be invaluable, especially when there are disputes about how the accident occurred. However, getting this footage isn’t always straightforward, and it’s often easier and more efficient to get the help of a car accident lawyer with Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP.

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Why a Car Accident Lawyer is Better Suited for Obtaining Video Footage

When you hire a car accident lawyer, they’ll immediately work to gather evidence to prove you weren’t to blame for the wreck. Obtaining a traffic camera video of a car accident will be at the top of their list. Attorneys can obtain footage much more efficiently than non-lawyers. These are a few of the reasons why. 

Knowledge of Legal Processes and Requirements

Car accident lawyers deeply understand the legal processes involved in obtaining traffic camera footage. They know which forms to fill out, who to submit them to, and the correct language to use to increase their chances of success. 

Experience in Dealing With Government Agencies

State or local governments often control traffic camera footage. Lawyers are accustomed to dealing with these agencies and can often expedite requests thanks to existing relationships or knowledge of the bureaucracy.

Quick Action to Prevent Data Loss

Agencies don’t store traffic camera footage indefinitely. There is usually a short window before the footage is overwritten or deleted. A car accident attorney understands the urgency and knows how to act quickly to preserve the footage before it’s too late.

An Understanding of Privacy Laws and Regulations

Privacy laws and other legal barriers may restrict access to traffic camera footage. An experienced car accident lawyer is familiar with these legal hurdles and knows how to argue for the release of the footage within the law.

Challenges Accident Victims Face in Obtaining Traffic Camera Video

You might think you could obtain a traffic camera video of a car accident. However, doing so will mean surmounting many formidable obstacles, which include the following:

Lack of knowledge about the existence and location of cameras: Victims may not know if a traffic camera was present at the accident scene or who controls it (e.g., the city traffic department, a private business, etc.). Identifying the right camera and the custodian of the footage is the first step in a complex process.

Bureaucratic red tape: Government agencies have specific procedures and requirements for releasing video footage to the public. These procedures include making formal requests under the Freedom of Information Act or other local transparency laws, which can be time-consuming and need specific language to avoid rejection.

Resistance from parties involved: In some cases, parties who control the footage may resist releasing it due to privacy concerns or fear of liability. Without a legal background, it might be challenging for victims to counter these refusals effectively.

Let a Car Accident Lawyer Gather the Evidence You Need

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