Getting hurt at work can be a harrowing experience. Workplace injuries can mean large medical bills, substantial wage loss, and significant pain. Fortunately, injured employees have options for obtaining medical care and wage replacement benefits after a workplace incident.

The way an employee can obtain care and compensation after a job injury depends on whether their employer is a subscriber or non-subscriber under Texas’s workers’ compensation system.

In the State of Texas, Coca-Cola is a non-subscriber, so Coca-Cola workers’ compensation claims must be handled outside of the workers’ compensation system.

If you are a Coca-Cola employee who has endured an on-the-job injury, our work injury attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP can show you how to access the compensation you deserve, and help maximize your recovery. We are award-winning advocates who work tirelessly to ensure injured workers receive the legal relief they deserve. 

How Common Are Workplace Injuries?

Sadly, there are plenty of opportunities for an employee working for a beverage business to get hurt. The Texas Department of Insurance reported that the following number of employees suffered workplace injuries in the following industries in 2021: 

  • Approximately 20,400 employees in the manufacturing industry;
  • Approximately 19,400 employees in the transportation and warehousing industry;
  • Approximately 34,000 employees in the retail trade industry; and 
  • Approximately 9,900 employees in the wholesale trade industry. 

Whether you were injured while working for the Coca-Cola warehouse in Fort Worth, TX, or in sales, we can help you hold your employer accountable for the medical treatment and compensation you deserve. 

How Do I Access Benefits in a Typical Workers’ Compensation Claim? 

If you suffer an injury while working for an employer that subscribes to workers’ compensation, you have 30 days to notify your employer about your injury, and you have one year to submit your claim for compensation to Texas’ Division of Workers’ Compensation. If you prove that you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance and that your injury occurred in the course and scope of your employment, you (or your loved ones) could have a right to receive the following from your employer: 

  • Wage replacement benefits,
  • Compensation for permanent disabilities caused by your work injury, 
  • Death benefits, and 
  • Funeral benefits. 

In general, you do not have to prove that your employer was at fault for your injury before you can obtain workers’ compensation benefits.  

How Do I Access Benefits in a Coca-Cola Workers’ Compensation Claim? 

Because Coca-Cola is a non-subscriber in the workers’ compensation system, Coca-Cola employees who get hurt while working will likely have to seek compensation through other employee benefit plans or lawsuits.

Employee Benefits 

Employee benefit plans that might help you after a workplace injury can include life insurance policies or disability insurance policies.

The rules for making claims under these policies can differ from employer to employer, so you should speak to a knowledgeable attorney immediately after suffering an injury to have the attorney review the available policies and make timely claims on your behalf. 

Coca-Cola Lawsuits

If there is no employer benefit plan available to cover your workplace injury, or if an available benefit plan does not provide sufficient coverage, you might have the option of suing your employer in civil court.

In a civil lawsuit against Coca-Cola or another non-subscriber employer, you may be able to recover several types of legal relief, including: 

  • Economic damages to compensate you for all your related financial losses, such as wage loss, medical expenses, and lost earning capacity; 
  • Noneconomic damages to compensate you for your pain and suffering; 
  • Exemplary damages to punish an employer whose conduct is fraudulent or malicious; and 
  • Injunctive relief to stop your employer from committing wrongful acts. 

To win a civil lawsuit against your employer, you must prove that your employer’s misconduct or negligence caused your injury. This task is not always easy, but our skilled attorneys know how to make the necessary arguments and present the necessary evidence to prevail in your case. 

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP Can Help

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