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If you sustained injuries while working for Texas retailer Hobby Lobby, you might be wondering how you can collect compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

Texas law allows most private employers to forgo offering workers’ compensation benefits for injuries. Large companies, such as Hobby Lobby, can choose to handle their on-the-job injury claims themselves.

When you need help with a Hobby Lobby Texas workers’ compensation claim, Armstrong, Lee & Baker LLP lawyers are here to help.

Industries Required to Carry Workers Compensation Coverage in Texas

While workers’ compensation is voluntary for most companies in Texas, it’s mandatory in some industries. These industries are:

  • State universities;
  • Natural gas and liquid propane dealers;
  • All public employers, which includes state, county, and city agencies;
  • Motor carriers; and
  • Places that employ inmates through work furlough programs.

Because Hobby Lobby stores do not fall under any of these categories, they can opt-out of providing workers’ compensation benefits. They prefer to handle injury claims internally, covering wages, medical, and legal costs for the injured employee.

Texas Non-Subscriber Laws

Companies that do not have Texas workers’ compensation benefits for employees are called non-subscribers. Without Hobby Lobby Texas workers’ compensation coverage, workers may be confused about how to pursue a claim for their injuries.

Fortunately, our Texas non-subscriber lawyers are here to help.

Employers who subscribe to the workers’ compensation benefits program have limited liability. If a company is a non-subscriber, they lose some of these valuable legal protections.

One example is a limit on the types of compensation an injured worker can recover. If a company subscribes to workers’ compensation coverage, employees are not eligible for pain and suffering compensation when bringing a workers’ comp claim.

If you pursue a claim outside of workers’ compensation, you might be eligible to receive money for your pain and suffering. 

Non-subscriber employers are prohibited from raising certain defenses in litigation, including the following:

  • The employee was negligent and caused their own injuries;
  • Another employee’s negligence caused this employee’s injuries; or
  • The injured employee understood the potential dangers of their actions and voluntarily accepted these risks.

Pursuing compensation for a Hobby Lobby Texas work injury is complicated but not impossible.

One of the most important aspects of a successful Texas workplace injury claim is having a skilled legal advocate protect your rights.

Companies that do not have workers’ compensation benefits must comply with all rules under the non-subscriber laws. One example is the Texas non-subscriber reporting rule.

Any employer with more than five employees must report all fatalities and injuries where employees lose a day or more of work.

Unfortunately, not all companies comply with the rules, so there is not an accurate count of how many people suffer severe workplace injuries in Texas.

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First and foremost, you should seek medical treatment for any injuries you suffer while working. Your health should always be your top priority.

Next, you should speak with a Hobby Lobby Texas Work Injury Lawyer who has experience with Texas non-subscriber laws.

The lawyers at Armstrong, Lee & Baker LLP have years of experience helping workers fight for the compensation that employers owe them after a workplace injury.

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