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What to do After a Roof or Ceiling Collapse

Have you suffered from a roof or ceiling collapse accident in Dallas? If so, you could be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, lost time from work, pain and suffering, and more.

At Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP, we have extensive experience representing Dallas area renters for landlord disputes, including roof and ceiling premises liability.


If you are a renter who has suffered injuries due to a roof or ceiling collapse in Dallas, you may be entitled to compensation from your landlord or property owner.

These claims typically involve complex legal issues. If you need assistance, contact a roof and ceiling collapse lawyer in Dallas.

Steps to Take Following a Dallas Roof or Ceiling Collapse

If you believe that your landlord or property owner is responsible for the roof or ceiling collapse, you should take the following steps:

Document the Damage

Take photos and videos of the collapse and damage to your personal property. Keep a record of any repairs or replacements you make due to the collapse.

If you suffered injury, keep a record of your medical expenses, lost wages, and any other expenses you incur.

Alert Your Landlord Right Away

Inform your Dallas landlord of the collapse and the damage as soon as possible. Keep records of all communication with your landlord, including phone calls or emails.

Review Your Dallas Rental Agreement

Check your rental agreement for any provisions that might be relevant to your claim. Look for provisions related to maintenance and repair, as well as any liability provisions.

Discuss Your Legal Options 

Depending on the circumstances and your rental agreement provisions, you may have a legal claim against your landlord. Speaking with an experienced attorney is crucial to determine the best course of action. 

If you are a renter in Dallas who has experienced a roof or ceiling collapse and are seeking legal representation, please do not hesitate to call the ceiling collapse lawyers at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP.

Our Dallas attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Renters and Roof and Ceiling Premises Liability 

Dallas landlords have a legal duty to maintain their rental properties in a safe and habitable condition. This duty includes maintaining the roof and ceiling in a safe condition.

If a landlord breaches their duty, which leads to a collapse, the landlord may be liable for any injuries or damages. This area of law is called premises liability. 

To successfully bring a premises liability claim in Dallas, you must prove that the landlord knew or should have known about the dangerous condition (e.g., a weak or damaged roof or ceiling) and failed to take steps to repair or fix it.

You will also need to show that their failure to make repairs caused the collapse and your injuries or damages.

Some cases might not involve negligent activity. It could be a building problem or structural defect that caused the roof and ceiling to collapse.

Premises defect issues are more challenging to prove, which is why it is crucial to have a skilled legal advocate on your side. It may be necessary to review multiple building codes and hire industry experts to review whether any code sections were breached. 

It is important to remember that to hold your Dallas landlord liable for a roof or ceiling collapse, you must have been a lawful tenant at the time. If you were on the property illegally, you don’t have the same rights as a legal tenant. 

Why Hire a Roof and Ceiling Attorney in Dallas? 

The law does not require you to hire a lawyer. Still, you should consider hiring a Dallas premises liability lawyer to represent you in a claim against your landlord for a roof or ceiling collapse. 

First, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options. Texas laws surrounding a roof or ceiling collapse can be complex. You need an experienced professional to help you navigate the legal process.

Second, an attorney will gather and preserve evidence supporting your damages claim. This evidence might include witness statements, repair or maintenance records, and expert testimony to establish liability. An experienced Dallas attorney can help you build a solid case that supports full and fair compensation.

Your attorney will handle all communication with your landlord or their insurance company. It is common for the landlord’s insurance company to find ways to minimize the compensation it has to pay.

Rather than negotiate on your own, we will handle all the back-and-forth potential settlement talks. 

Should your case not resolve through negotiations, we are prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

It is best to have an attorney representing you from the start rather than when your case is entering the Dallas court system. Otherwise, they will take time to get up to speed, and some evidence may be harder to obtain and witnesses harder to track down.  

Hiring a Dallas premises liability attorney can significantly increase your chances of success and ensure all legal deadlines are met.

As with other types of personal injury cases, you have only a limited time to file a lawsuit. For example, if you sustained injuries in a Dallas roof and ceiling collapse, the statute of limitations is only two years in most cases. 

Contact a Roof and Ceiling Collapse Lawyer in Dallas 

If you have questions on Dallas roof and ceiling premises liability, we highly recommend contacting our legal team. We know this is a stressful time for you and your family.

Losing personal items and being forced to live elsewhere can be frustrating, especially when you did not do anything wrong. When you have suffered damages and injuries due to a roof and ceiling collapse in Dallas, contact Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP.

Let us put our years of experience to work for you and help you fight for the compensation you deserve.