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An Accident With a Big-Rig Can Change Your Life

Semi-trucks may have one of the worst reputations as the most dangerous vehicles on roads and highways today.

This is partially due to the increased probability of severe injury or death after a collision with a semi-truck.

Not to mention, semi-truck drivers have huge blind spots that cause smaller vehicles to be effectively invisible when driving alongside them. This can maximize injury to unsuspecting drivers and occupants of vehicles.

There are countless scenarios in which a driver may be seriously or fatally injured in a semi-truck accident based on the nature of the vehicle.

Accident victims should reach out to a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer to discuss the possibility of recovering damages for their injuries arising from a semi-truck accident.

What You Should Do Now

Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a major accident, you may not know where to turn. At this point, it is a good idea to reach out to a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer. 

One thing Fort Worth truck accident attorneys of Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP want you to know is that your lawsuit may be against a commercial agency.

While this has its pros, mainly ensuring that there is insurance to collect, this could mean that there is a huge legal team defending the other side. You need a strong team representing you as well.

You can also help your own case by doing things like:

  • Getting police to the scene immediately;
  • Seeking medical attention as soon as possible;
  • Taking pictures of everything on the scene;
  • Refraining from posting on social media about details of the accident; and
  • Refusing to speak to the insurance company about details of the accident.

Preparing for a lawsuit involving a Fort Worth truck accident is no easy feat. You need to have an experienced attorney on your side prepared to fight wholeheartedly for you as an injured victim.

The team at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP is prepared to fight for you and fight against any large company that may be involved in the 18-wheeler accident.

What Is My Case Worth?

It is no wonder that victims want to know about the potential value of their case after a severe or fatal accident.

Fort Worth is no stranger to these types of accidents. In 2020 alone, there were 413 total accidents statewide involving a semi-truck that resulted in fatalities.

A total of 699 accidents statewide involved a suspected serious injury. What you obtain in a settlement offer or at trial depends on the liable party’s insurance and the severity of your injuries.

With semi-truck accidents, you are more likely to have severe injuries like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) range from mild concussions to serious and permanent brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis; 
  • Broken bones;
  • Soft tissue damage;
  • Organ damage, and
  • Other lifelong or chronic disabilities.

After such a serious accident, your life may never be the same.

You should seek a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, such as the attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP, that empathizes with the facts and fight to obtain damages for your emotional and physical injuries

Mapping Out Your Case Timeline

Many people are paralyzed with fear after experiencing an accident as severe as an 18-wheeler accident. Fort Worth truck accident cases are no different.

However, as attorneys, we seek to ease that fear by giving you a realistic timeline of events for your case. 


At this point, you are within the first three months of your case. You have officially decided that seeking damages is your best option.

Now evidence needs to be collected, including any accident scene photos, crash reports, and testimony.


Treatment for a Fort Worth truck accident may occur simultaneously with the investigation stage. Treatment should begin immediately after the accident, whether at urgent care or the emergency room.

Treatment may be ongoing throughout the duration of the case but depends on the extent of your injuries. 


Your Fort Worth truck accident attorney will begin drafting a demand for damages. The demand puts the insurance company on notice that you intend to sue if the matter cannot be settled outside of court.

Depending on the evidence, your demand may be sizable—dozens of pages long.

Ideally, it conveys the severity of your injuries to the liable party along with the impact that the accident has on your current and future daily living. 


Once you send the demand to the liable party, the negotiation phase begins.

This is the point that most clients are eager to begin because it reveals how much the liable party is willing to pay for their injuries. 

Experienced Fort Worth truck accident attorneys know this phase of accident cases well. Most liable parties begin negotiations with a much lower offer than the case is worth.

It is the attorney’s job to stake a claim for all the damages the liable party owes. Without expert negotiation skills and a firm understanding of the severity of certain medical injuries, you simply will not get the most value out of your case. 


Once you have determined, with the advice of your attorney, that the liable party made an acceptable settlement offer, the case is in its final phase.

Your Fort Worth truck accident attorney will work with the other party to draft a settlement agreement that details the terms of the settlement, including your award. If you do not reach the settlement phase, your lawyer will file suit on your behalf.


If you decide against accepting the settlement offer, then your case proceeds to trial.

Your Fort Worth truck accident attorney continues conducting investigative discovery and creating an argument for your case.

Getting to trial in front of a judge or jury may take longer than even getting to the settlement phase of your case. The benefit of this phase is that at its conclusion you will finally have a judgment.

Contact Our Fort Worth Truck Accident Attorneys Today

Contact our Fort Worth truck accident attorneys today. The attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP will bring you peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to go at this alone.

Semi-truck accidents are traumatic events on their own. No one deserves to have their worst nightmare become a reality right in front of their eyes.

What you need is a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer that understands not only your situation but the emotions that come with such a serious accident.

If you are ready to start preparing for your case, contact us today at 832-402-6637. You will not pay us unless we get results for you.

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