Sometimes, quickly settling a car accident injury claim matters more than a high settlement figure.

You might need fast cash to pay your immediate medical bills or cover lost wages. Or you may want to avoid the emotional hardships that can come with a prolonged case. 

If you seek an experienced lawyer who can help you quickly attain damages for your injuries, Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP can help.

We will work with you to achieve the fastest personal injury claim settlement. With years of combined experience under our belt, we share a common goal.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest possible caliber of legal services.

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP Can Help You Settle Fast

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP cares about our clients. We understand that sometimes, a faster settlement may be better for you than a higher damage award.

Our clients come to us with a variety of unique and varied circumstances.

In all cases, our objective is to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, even if it means settling for less than your case is worth to get you the fastest award possible. 

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP has successfully handled numerous car accident and personal injury cases.

We are serious about getting justice for our client’s injuries and even offer a free consultation.

We believe in carefully evaluating every individual situation and never charge fees unless you settle or win your case.

Before committing, talk to us, so you understand your rights and potential remedies.

How Long Does It Take to Get Car Accident Settlement?

Each car accident and personal injury case is unique. Because types of car accident cases differ, the average settlement period in Texas varies.

Factors that can affect the time it takes to settle your claim include the following:

  • The severity of your injuries,
  • The complexity of your case,
  • The value of your case,
  • The accurate determination of liability, and
  • The defendant’s (the at-fault party) willingness to settle your claim.

However, since insurance companies understand how a car accident impacts victims, they often offer a quicker but lower settlement.

While a prompt but lower payment is often presented to entice you to settle for less, accepting may put the money in your hands faster if you or a loved one need quick cash.

When you work with an Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP auto collision attorney, the fastest settlement offers are on the table if that is what you need.

We can help you determine your case’s value to understand the settlement terms you should consider accepting and how quickly you can receive a settlement. 

Contact Us

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP can help you get the money you need for your injuries as quickly as possible.

We won’t settle until you have a good grasp of your damages. We will push for a monetary amount you’re comfortable with and within the fastest feasible time frame.

Whatever you decide, attaining the justice you deserve is our priority. Call us today at 832-402-6637 for a free consultation.

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Scott Armstrong obtains remarkable results for his clients.  He has successfully tried numerous cases to favorable verdicts and reached significant settlements on his clients’ behalf.  In the process, he has recovered millions for his clients.