If you’ve turned on a television in the last decade, you have undoubtedly seen a little green reptile offering to save you a bunch of money on your car insurance.

Over the last 25 years, that little reptile has grown into an insurance powerhouse. In fact, GEICO, formally known as the “Government Employees Insurance Company” is now the second largest auto insurance company in the U.S

But with its large size also comes large bureaucracy. If you are in an accident, how can you even get GEICO’s claim department on the phone? With over 17 million insured drivers on its books, if you’re in an accident, you are likely to be dealing with GEICO in some capacity.

So how do you deal with GEICO claims after an accident? The most efficient way is to hire a car accident attorney.

In this post, the Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP team will walk you through how to deal with GEICO claims after a car accident. As experienced Texas GEICO claims lawyers, we know what it takes to negotiate with even the toughest insurance companies after an accident.

How GEICO Claims Work

All insurance companies make money by paying less out for claims than they collect in premiums. GEICO is no exception. Insurance adjusters try to get claimants to accept a settlement that is less than what their claim is worth.

Depending on the person’s losses, this can rob an accident victim of thousands—possibly millions—of dollars. Before you do much more than speak to GEICO customer service and get a GEICO claim number for your accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer. 

What Do I Need to File an Accident Claim with GEICO?

As with any insurance company claim, you will want to have a few pieces of information handy when speaking to GEICO’s claim department. Helpful information includes:

  • Location of the accident,
  • Police reports (if any exist),
  • Names and contact details of witnesses, and
  • Descriptions of what happened.

The more information you have immediately available about the accident, the better. Insurance companies want to pay claimants as little as possible. It is more difficult for them to deny claims when you have a robust file on your accident.

Do’s and Don’ts When Dealing with GEICO Claims


When you file your claim, or have any interaction at all with the insurance company’s claims department or GEICO customer service, do not allow yourself to be sucked into conversation.

Never agree to give a recorded statement. If you describe the accident in an inconsistent manner, or exaggerate any detail, this can later be used against you. 


If GEICO presents you with any settlement paperwork, do get a legal opinion. Do let anyone affiliated with the claim know that you are speaking with a lawyer. You should also seek medical advice if you have any lingering injuries.

Check with a doctor if you were not examined shortly after your accident. Make sure to keep all records, files, receipts, and contact details related to the accident. You may want to keep things even if they do not seem like they are important at the time!

Choosing The Right GEICO Claims Attorney

At Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP, we have helped accident victims all over the Houston metroplex area negotiate insurance settlements with GEICO and all the major auto insurance carriers.

We know all the ways that insurance companies try to trick accident victims out of the compensation they are rightfully owed. Our individualized, client-centered approach helps make insurance settlement negotiations a smoother process.

We are also not afraid to fight for your rights in court if necessary. Contact us today for a free case consultation to discuss your options.

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Scott Armstrong obtains remarkable results for his clients.  He has successfully tried numerous cases to favorable verdicts and reached significant settlements on his clients’ behalf.  In the process, he has recovered millions for his clients.

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