In Katy, TX, the Igloo Coolers plant manufactures 15 million coolers annually and distributes them globally.

Unfortunately, employees sometimes experience severe injuries and illnesses on the job at their distribution centers.

It can be immensely stressful to try to recover from your injury or occupational disease so that you can return to the workplace.

We encourage workers who have suffered Igloo Coolers warehouse injuries to contact the attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP. We can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries on the Job at Igloo Coolers

There are a variety of Igloo Coolers warehouse injuries that might occur on the job. An Igloo Cooler work injury could involve one or more of the following:

The injury you sustain may depend in part on your role at Igloo Coolers. Positions at Igloo Coolers include engineers, injection mold operators, drivers, forklift operators, and assembly workers, to name a few.

If you have an injury due to an accident at Igloo and need to recover expenses, consider contacting our lawyers. 

Typical Reasons for Injuries at Igloo

Employment at Igloo involves a large amount of manufacturing work. Thus, you might sustain an injury on the job in several ways. 

The causes of an injury while working at Igloo Coolers may include:

  • Falling from a ladder while working for Igloo at a warehouse;
  • Repetitive movements on assembly lines;
  • Heavy equipment or boxes falling onto you;
  • Getting into an accident while driving a truck, or
  • Suffering injuries from defective or malfunctioning equipment.

There are other causes of severe injuries for which you might want to seek compensation. If you have been injured on the job at Igloo, reach out to our lawyers. 

Recovering for Injuries at Igloo

In Texas, not every employer has to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This means that those companies that do not choose to carry the insurance are “non-subscribers.”

Igloo Coolers is one of those non-subscribers. This is why it is so crucial to contact a skillful attorney who can help make sure that you recover for your losses.  

What Damages Can I Recover Through a Non-Subscriber?

It is important to know how you can recover compensation after suffering injuries at a non-subscriber employer like Igloo.

Often, a non-subscriber has a different type of insurance available outside of workers’ compensation. Injured workers can sometimes recover more compensation than they might under a traditional workers’ compensation claim.

This may include lost wages, medical expenses, and even damages for pain and suffering.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to assist you and fight for your legal rights. 

Can I File Suit Against a Non-Subscriber?

If you suffered injuries, you are able to file a lawsuit against a non-subscriber such as Igloo. This is much different from a subscriber claim, where the employees cannot file negligence claims against the employer.

Workers’ compensation gives employers who “subscribe” to it some protection against personal injury suits. That is not the case with Igloo.

You and your lawyer will need to make a showing of negligence when filing a claim against a non-subscriber. This is because this type of claim is much like a negligence claim made after a severe truck or car accident.

Keep in mind that there are several defenses that a non-subscriber employer cannot use if a suit is filed. Contact our accomplished attorneys for further guidance.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You 

If you have experienced an injury at Igloo Coolers in Houston, you do not have to go through this alone. Allow our skilled attorneys to help you recover financially so that you can focus on your emotional and physical recovery.

At ​​Armstrong Lee & Baker, our lawyers are known for their tough, aggressive advocacy for their clients. Areas of expertise at our firm include trucking accident claims, oil rig accident claims, and non-subscriber claims.

Feel free to call our Houston office today at 832-402-6637 for more information and a free consultation. You can also request a case evaluation through our online form.

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