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It can be devastating physically and emotionally to suffer an injury or illness on the job. This can occur for various reasons, such as an accident (like slipping and falling) or wear and tear on your body (like repeatedly carrying cumbersome boxes).

If you suffered an injury in the workplace and need Kroger workers’ comp, our lawyers are here to help. We can assist you in recovering compensation for expenses, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. Contact our attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP today to discuss your options.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a program that varies by state. It allows workers injured in the course and scope of their employment to recover compensation. Remember that “fault” is not an issue when filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp is a no-fault system of insurance.

If your claim has been denied, we can assist you in filing an appeal. Our lawyers can also help you file a lawsuit to recover compensation if you suffered a Kroger work injury in TX. 

What Is a Non-Subscriber?

In Texas, non-subscribers are companies that do not adhere to traditional workers’ compensation programs. This may sound unusual, but private employers in Texas are not required to subscribe to workers’ compensation. Kroger is one of these non-subscribers, and at Kroger, workers’ comp is provided through their privacy plan. 

You may wonder why Kroger is a non-subscriber. It comes down to money. Non-subscribers typically pay less compensation in workers’ compensation claims. Nevertheless, they are more open to lawsuits from injured employees than subscribers. They also do not have many of the traditional defenses available to them, such as co-worker negligence. 

You should refer to the most recent Kroger injury policy for further information on what you can recover through your claim. Feel free to contact our attorneys if you are interested in filing an appeal or need to file suit. 

Reasons You May Choose to File a Lawsuit

There are several reasons you might choose to file a lawsuit against Kroger. You will likely have to prove negligence by Kroger or its employees. Possible reasons might be:

  • You suffered an injury due to a falling object,
  • You slipped and fell because a coworker did not clean up a spilled product, or
  • You suffered severe injuries because Kroger did not provide training.

For further assistance proving negligence, reach out to our attorneys.

Potential Injuries on the Job at Kroger

Several different types of injuries can occur while working at Kroger, making you eligible for Kroger workers’ comp. These may involve:

Contact us today if you have suffered an injury and are having trouble recovering compensation. 

Common Causes of Injuries in the Workplace

There are a variety of reasons that an injury might take place on the job. At Kroger, this could depend on your job position. 

For example, occupations at Kroger include stockers, cashiers, cart attendants, and warehouse employees. 

The causes of an injury or illness might consist of the following:

  • Slipping, tripping, and falling due to products leaking onto the floor;
  • Repeatedly lifting boxes that are too heavy;
  • Becoming trapped inside an industrial-sized refrigerator; or
  • Having a heavy box fall on you.

In addition—depending on the nature of your work duties—you might suffer from repetitive stress injuries. Our experienced attorneys can help you recover financially for damages, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Kroger Locations in Texas

In addition to having 209 stores in 84 Texas cities, there are several Kroger distribution centers in Texas:

Select a City
Kroger Distribution Center 9835 Genard Rd. Houston, TX 77041
Kroger Distribution Center 701 Gelhorn Dr. Houston, TX 77029
Kroger Distribution Center 7170 W. 43rd Street Houston, TX 77092
Kroger Distribution Center 5801 Kroger Dr. Keller, TX 76244
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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. 

Let Our Attorneys Help You

If you have suffered an injury, illness, or occupational disease at a Kroger location, we are here to help. Get in touch with our experienced attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP.

Our practice areas include non-subscriber claims, trucking claims, oil rig accidents, and more. 

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