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It can be excruciating and troubling for you and your family when you experience an injury at an oil refinery.

At our law firm, we understand the turmoil that you are going through, and we are here to advocate for you. 

You may be wondering how many refineries in Texas are operating.

As of 2022, there are a total of 32 operable oil refineries in Texas, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Below is a comprehensive list of refineries in Texas.

Thirty of the refineries are operating, and two of them are idle.

If you have suffered an injury at one of the refineries on our list of petrochemical plants in Texas, reach out to a lawyer who will fight for you.

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Here is a compilation of operational oil refineries in Texas, as of the commencement of the year 2022:


  • Double Punch Refinery (Barton Refining)


  • ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Co



  • Targa Resources

Corpus Christi

  • Flint Hill Resources LP
  • Valero Refining Co Texas LP
  • Citgo Refining & Chemical Inc
  • Buckeye Texas Processing LLC
  • Koch Industries 
  • Magellan Terminal Holdings LP
  • PDV America 

Deer Park

  • Deer Park Refining Ltd Partnership

El Paso

  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation 

Galena Park

  • Kinder Morgan Crude & Condensate

Galveston Bay

  • Marathon Petroleum Co LP 


  • Access Industries 
  • Houston Refining LP
  • Petromax Refining Co LLC
  • Valero Refining Co Texas LP 


  • Pasadena Refining Systems Inc
  • Petrobras

Port Arthur

  • Motiva Enterprises LLC
  • Premcor Refining Group Inc
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA
  • Valero Port Arthur Refinery

San Antonio

  • Calumet Speciality Products 


  • Phillips 66 Company

Texas City

  • Valero Refining Co Texas LP

Three Rivers

  • Valero Three Rivers Refinery

Common Injuries at Oil Refineries

There are various injuries that can, unfortunately, take place within oil refineries in Texas.If you have suffered an injury in an accident at one of these Texas refineries, consider reaching out to us.

At Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP, our skilled oilfield work injury lawyers can assist you in recovering the compensation you need to cover your accident-related expenses.

Toxic Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause lung damage or could potentially result in leukemia or cancer.

Your injuries may vary depending on the length of time of your exposure or the concentration level. Sometimes, these injuries may be difficult to detect because symptoms may not appear until months or even years after exposure.

Crush Injuries

Heavy equipment can catch a person’s finger or other parts of the body and can cause serious crush injuries.

Crush injuries can result in amputations or other operations that leave workers permanently disabled and unable to work.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Whether they are caused by loose tools or other objects that were left in places they shouldn’t have been or walkways without the necessary handrails, falls are one of the most common injuries on oil fields.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a severe problem in the oil and gas industry. Oil field workers spend countless hours around loud machinery that, over time, can severely damage employees’ hearing.

According to a 2019 study, 14% of workers in the oil and gas extraction industry exposed to loud noise experienced hearing loss.

Explosions and fires can cause severe, traumatic injuries. This can even sometimes result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


This can include lifting loads that are too heavy or lifting improperly. Overexertion can cause injuries to the spine, sprains, and strains. 

Causes of Oil Refinery Injuries 

There are multiple potential causes of injuries at an oil refinery, and there can be one cause or a combination. 

The possible causes of these injuries could include but are not limited to:

  • Carelessness by another employee;
  • A lack of training; 
  • Defective products, or
  • A lack of maintenance.

Our team of skilled attorneys can review your claim and examine your options.

We will evaluate your case and fight to help you recover compensation for your injuries. 

What Should I Do If I Am Injured in a Refinery?

Following an oil field work injury, there are a few things you should keep in mind. By following these steps, you can ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment for your injuries and preserve your ability to pursue a claim to recover compensation for your injuries.

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing to do after suffering a work injury while on an oil field is to ensure that you seek medical attention, even if your injuries appear minor or your employer gives you pushback about wanting to see a doctor. Also, be sure to get copies of all medical records.

Report the Accident

Employers have certain protocols in place for reporting workplace injuries. Familiarize yourself with the reporting procedures at your place of employment and then report the incident to your supervisor or the human resources department.

Document the Accident

To the extent you are able to do so, gather whatever information you can from the scene of the accident. For example, taking pictures, obtaining the names of witnesses, and writing down what happened are all good ways to document the accident.

Speak with an Experienced Oilfield Injury Lawyer

In case of injuries or accidents, it’s crucial to have a Houston oil rig attorney by your side. An attorney can assist you with preparing your claim, identifying the full extent of your damages, negotiating with your employer, and, if necessary, litigating your case at trial.

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP can help you recover damages for the harm you have incurred. This can include compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses.

What Should I Do if I Am Injured in a Refinery?

First, ensure that you seek medical attention. Make sure that you get copies of all medical records.

In case of injuries or accidents, it’s crucial to have a Houston oil rig attorney by your side. We can help you recover damages for the harm you have incurred.

This can include compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

In Texas, you have two different options if you have suffered an injury in an oil refinery accident.

One option is filing a workers’ compensation claim for on-the-job injuries.

In Texas, not every employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, so you must check whether your employer carries it. 

According to the Texas Labor Code, you will have a limit from the date you suffered an injury to file your claim to recover compensation.

This deadline is called the statute of limitations. Note that it will be challenging to bring your claim if you miss this time frame.

You can also choose to file a personal injury lawsuit if your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance or if your injury was caused by a third party.

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Texas is two years.

It is crucial to ensure that you meet this deadline, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Learn more about the necessary steps to take after an oilfield accident.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You

If you are suffering due to an injury at an oil refinery, you are not alone.

Contact our experienced attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP, and we can assist you in reviewing your claim. 

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