Providence Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Accidents happen, but if they happen to you while you are working, you might be entitled to compensation.

Your work is your livelihood, and suffering an injury can impact your ability to do your job while your medical expenses pile up.

Depending on the circumstances of your injury, you might have the legal right to file a claim against your employer.

This blog post will discuss how to file a Providence insurance work injury claim.

Texas Non-Subscriber Claim vs. Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, it is important to know whether your employer has Texas workers’ compensation insurance or if they have opted out.

Texas is one of a few states that does not require most employers to have workers’ compensation coverage.

Employers that opt out of workers’ compensation generally use private insurance companies to handle employee injury claims.

If you are unsure whether your employer participates in the state’s workers’ compensation program or has insurance through a private company like Providence Insurance, you can check the Texas Department of Insurance’s website.

Employers that opt out of the workers’ compensation system are referred to as non-subscribers. Providence Insurance and Anchor Risk Management are two of the most well-known private insurers in the state.

One of the biggest differences between non-subscriber cases and Texas workers compensation cases is that filing a Texas non-subscriber claim does not bar you from filing a lawsuit against your employer. 

Providence Insurance Claims

Providence Insurance is a third-party administrator that offers a number of services to employers, including private workers’ compensation.

Other services Providence provides include monitoring claims and treatment, providing medical experts to assist in evaluations, prescription management, liability investigations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration record-keeping, and loss analysis.

Like any insurance company, Providence claims to help you get the care you need.

But it is important to remember that they work for your employer and are tasked with helping them spend as little as possible on your Providence Insurance claim while encouraging you to get back to work. 

Many injury victims do not realize that they are not required to accept a quick settlement from the insurance company.

It is important to understand the full value of your claim in order to avoid settling for less than what you deserve. 

How Is Liability Determined?

In a standard workers’ compensation claim, fault does not affect your claim.

If you were injured at work while doing your job, and your employer participates in the workers’ compensation program, you are likely eligible to seek benefits.

If you are injured while at work but were doing something you should not have reasonably been doing, that could make a difference if you are filing either a workers’ compensation or Texas non-subscriber claim. 

To file a Providence non-subscriber claim, you will need to prove that your employer acted with some degree of negligence and that their negligent action or inaction contributed to your injury.

A personal injury attorney with experience handling Providence insurance claims can conduct an independent investigation of the accident that caused your injury and help you determine fault. 

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