When car accidents aggravate pre-existing medical conditions, navigating the settlement process can seem impossible. Insurance companies often deploy various tactics to deny or diminish claims based on pre-existing conditions, creating significant hurdles for claimants seeking fair compensation. However, the skilled car accident lawyers with Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP have the knowledge and experience to defeat these tactics and secure fair settlements for their clients.

Common Insurance Company Tricks Regarding Pre-Existing Conditions

One of the ways an insurer will attempt to deny you the compensation you deserve is to argue that the pre-existing condition is the reason you’re hurt, not the accident. For example, suppose you already had a herniated disc but further injured your back when the at-fault driver hit your vehicle. The insurer will claim the damaged disc is the cause of your back pain, not the wreck. 

They’ll try to reduce their liability by saying the accident merely aggravated an existing ailment. They design this tactic to minimize their financial responsibility by shifting blame to your medical history.

In addition, the insurance company will likely scrutinize your medical records to hurt your case. They’ll look for any indication of prior injuries or underlying health issues. The insurer might also request independent medical examinations to challenge the severity and causation of the injuries, often selecting physicians known to be biased toward minimizing payouts.

How We Can Defeat the Insurer’s Tactics

A skilled Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP car accident lawyer can use several strategies to defeat the insurer’s arguments and secure a favorable settlement. 

The first thing we’ll do is gather comprehensive evidence to prove the accident worsened your pre-existing condition. We’ll obtain medical opinions from specialists and document the progression of your symptoms before and after the accident.

We’ll also challenge the insurer’s interpretation of the medical evidence and fight any attempts to downplay the accident’s impact on your health. Our attorneys can present compelling arguments supported by medical literature and expert testimony. These arguments can demonstrate how the collision not only made your pre-existing condition worse but also led to additional injuries or complications.

We can also anticipate and counter the tactics insurance adjusters use during negotiations. Our lawyers deeply understand insurance law and negotiation techniques. We’ll use that knowledge to push back against unfair settlement offers and advocate aggressively for your rights. 

Nearly 95% of car accident cases settle out of court. However, there are some instances where litigation may be necessary to achieve a fair outcome. A proficient car accident lawyer can navigate the complexities of the legal system and effectively litigate on behalf of their client. They can present compelling arguments in court, cross-examine expert witnesses, and challenge the insurer’s defenses to secure a favorable verdict or settlement.

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Ultimately, overcoming the challenges posed by pre-existing conditions in car accident settlements requires legal experience, medical knowledge, and strategic advocacy. The car accident lawyers with Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP can level the playing field against insurance companies. We’ll work passionately to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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