What Types of Liability Coverage May Be Available for a Ceiling Collapse?

Ceiling collapses are terrifying and can cause catastrophic damage and numerous injuries to those inside.

If you suffered harm, you likely have multiple questions, including what types of liability coverage may be available for a ceiling collapse.

Identifying all sources of recovery in a ceiling collapse can be complicated. It is best to contact an experienced Houston premises liability lawyer at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP for assistance. 

Does Insurance Cover Ceiling Collapse Accidents in Houston, TX?

Typically, both homeowner’s and standard business insurance policies offer coverage for sudden and accidental damages, such as a ceiling collapse. However, coverage specifics may vary, and it’s crucial to review your policy terms or consult your insurance provider for precise details on this scenario.

Recovery options will also vary depending on accident circumstances and the type of property affected. Here is a brief introduction to several potential avenues for insurance coverage. 

Homeowners Insurance 

If you own a home, your homeowners insurance policy may cover damages caused by a ceiling collapse in your own home. This coverage typically includes damage to the structure of your home.

It should also include payment for personal property damaged due to the collapse. However, it may not cover injuries to you or your home’s residents.

If the home belongs to someone else and you were visiting when the ceiling collapsed, you could present a claim under that person’s insurance policy that might include liability coverage for injuries to visitors. 

Commercial Property Insurance 

Suppose you suffered injuries at a commercial property like a grocery store, hotel, restaurant, or shopping center. In that case, the owner’s commercial property insurance might cover your injuries and other damages.

If the building is your own, your policy might be responsible for injuries to anyone else who was there at the time of the collapse. 

Renters Insurance 

Renters insurance might cover some of your personal property should the ceiling collapse in the home or apartment you rent. It should also cover additional expenses incurred while your place is undergoing repairs.

However, it will not likely cover any injuries you sustained in your own rental. You must pursue a claim against the owner’s policy or the responsible third party for injuries suffered due to another party’s negligence. 

General Liability Policies 

In some instances, a contractor or construction company may have been negligent. Businesses carry general liability policies to cover injuries and damages to third-party victims.

A contractor might have insurance that protects them against negligence claims, just as a store has one that applies in a premises liability accident. 

Possible Exclusions on Insurance Policies

Finding applicable coverage for damage and injuries sustained in a ceiling collapse is complicated. For example, some commercial property policies might exclude coverage for water damage, damage caused by the property owner, certain types of materials, and damage resulting from a roof older than 20 years old. 

How to Identify Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

Finding coverage options for your injuries after a ceiling collapse can feel daunting. We highly recommend you work with an experienced Houston premises liability lawyer at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP.

Our legal team has years of experience representing victims who sustained injuries on someone else’s property. We understand the complex legal nature of collapsed ceiling claims and what is necessary to build a successful case. 

We can help you identify all potentially liable parties and investigate all potential sources of liability coverage. Before any liability insurance reimburses you for your injuries, you must prove the defendants were responsible for the ceiling collapse. 

Handling your own injury claim for a premises liability accident is not recommended. You could risk missing out on valuable compensation if you do not identify all potential defendants and the applicable insurance policies.

Instead, contact the Houston premises liability lawyers at Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP. We offer free, no-obligation consultations.

You have nothing to lose by meeting with one of our lawyers. Do not waste your time trying to determine who will pay for your injuries.

If you have questions about what type of liability coverage may be available for a ceiling collapse, contact Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP to schedule an initial consultation.

We can review your case and explain how best to proceed so you can pursue compensation for your injuries.

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