Maritime Accidents

Like nearly all types of workplace accidents, maritime accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and tragic deaths. These injuries can change victims forever, robbing them of their ability to earn a living or even live an everyday life. If you or a loved one suffered an injury in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, contact a maritime accident lawyer with Armstrong Lee & Baker.

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The Potential Consequences of a Maritime Accident

An estimated 400,000 workers are employed in maritime industries in the US. Whether you’re working on an oil rig, in a commercial fishing operation, in ship and boat building, or in any other maritime occupation, danger surrounds you daily. These are just a few of the types of accidents that occur and the injuries that often result.

  • Boating accidents: Boating accidents can occur due to various factors, including operator error, navigation hazards, inclement weather, equipment failure, or collisions with other vessels. They can lead to injuries such as drowning, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and severe lacerations.
  • Ship collisions: Collisions between ships can result in catastrophic damage, including hull breaches, capsizing, or sinking. These accidents may occur due to navigational errors, mechanical failures, adverse weather conditions, or human error. Injuries sustained in ship collisions can range from minor cuts and bruises to severe injuries or fatalities for crew members and passengers.
  • Slip and fall accidents: These accidents are common onboard ships and vessels due to slippery surfaces, uneven terrain, or inadequate safety measures. They often result in injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, or soft tissue injuries. Crew members, passengers, and maritime workers are all at risk of slip and fall accidents while onboard ships or navigating maritime environments.
  • Dock accidents: Dock accidents can occur during the loading and unloading of cargo, maintenance and repair activities, or when embarking or disembarking from vessels. These accidents may involve falls from heights, being struck by moving equipment or cargo, or being caught in machinery. Injuries sustained in dock accidents can be severe and may include crush injuries, amputations, or traumatic injuries.

In addition to these common maritime accidents, other incidents such as fires, explosions, or offshore drilling accidents may also occur in maritime environments, resulting in devastating injuries or fatalities. 

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Navigating the aftermath of maritime accidents requires a skilled legal hand. With numerous parties potentially involved, seeking compensation for injuries and losses necessitates expertise in maritime law, admiralty law, and related legal frameworks. 

You want a skilled maritime accident attorney who deeply understands the law and how it applies to your case. You’ll get that when you turn to Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP. We’ll work to hold all responsible parties accountable for your suffering. We won’t stop until you’ve received every dollar you deserve.
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