There are plenty of weird Texas laws still on the books. But other so-called “laws” making the internet rounds are simply myths. In this article, the injury attorneys of Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP will separate fact from fiction when it comes to oddball Texas laws.

Laws That Actually Exist in Texas

One of the weird Texas laws that’s true is that you can’t sell a human organ in our state. While you can sell hair and blood, you can’t legally get a penny for selling a lung, heart, eye, or kidney. Breaking this law is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $4,000 and a year in jail. 

A Denton ordinance dating back to 1916 makes it illegal for a man to flirt with a woman or ogle a female. The ordinance also prohibits men from making a sound while trying to attract the attention of a female they don’t know. Men also can’t act annoyingly or offensively toward females. The fine for violating this ordinance ranged from $25 to $100. Authorities called this offense “mashing” in the early 20th century.

Some weird Texas laws were once official but are no longer part of the Texas Penal Code. For example, in 1866, it was illegal in our state to milk someone else’s cow. If authorities caught someone doing so, they could face a $10 fine. That might not sound like much, but $10 in 1866 equals about $193 in today’s dollars.

Weird Texas Laws That Are Myths

Yes, there are lots of weird Texas laws. The above are just a few examples. However, some of the supposed “laws” that people think are in force are nothing but myths. 

For example, some online articles claim that you can only go barefoot in Texas in public if you pay a $5 permit. That’s not true, nor is the myth that you can’t own an Encyclopedia Britannica because it contains information on how to brew beer. You can make your own alcoholic beverages in Texas, but you can’t make more than 200 gallons a year. You also can’t sell it without a license.

Speaking of adult beverages, another myth states that you can’t have more than three swallows or sips of beer in LeFors, TX, (located in the Panhandle, near Pampa) while standing up. It’s hard to tell where that one came from, but it’s untrue.

Another odd myth is that you can’t purchase Limburger cheese in Texas on a Sunday. Louisville, KY, banned the cheese in 1902, but there’s no record of that happening here. 

Finally, some articles mention that it’s illegal in Texas to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel. While you obviously can’t discharge a firearm in public, there’s nothing on the books stating the law prohibits you from hunting a buffalo from your hotel room.

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