If you sustained an injury in a League City accident, you might want to know the process for obtaining League City police reports. Here’s a guide on locating your accident report and how the information it contains may help your claim.

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The Importance of a League City Police Report

When you get into an accident, the responding police officer usually fills out a report detailing the incident. This report is an essential piece of evidence in your claim since it may contain witness statements, diagrams, photographs, and even the officer’s preliminary investigative findings.

It also creates an official legal record of your accident.

Ways to Request League City Police Reports

Once the responding officer files their accident report, there are several ways you can request a copy. For reports created by the League City Police Department, you may order one in person, by mail, online, or by email.

Each method has its own fees and requirements, so here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need.

In-Person or By Mail

If you have the time, League City police reports may be picked up from the police department during business hours. Specifically, you can stop by the Records Division located at the following address:

555 W. Walker Street

League City, TX 77573

They are typically open from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. However, these hours may change, so be sure to call their non-emergency line at 281-332-2566 to double-check.

Before you go, it’s best to bring a photo ID and any information you have about the accident, such as the date and location. There will most likely be a small fee for the report as well.

If you would rather send your request in writing, you may include this information in a letter to the address listed above, with “Attn: Records Division” on the envelope.

Before you do, call to confirm the price of the report. Then, write a check or money order made out to the City of League City and include it with your letter.


The League City Police Department has an online ordering system for accident reports for those who can’t visit in person. To find your report, all you need is your name and the date of the accident.

However, keep in mind that your report may not appear until around 10 business days after the crash.

Once you pay the small request fee, you should receive a PDF copy of the report that can be printed out or shared with your League City car accident lawyer.


If you have any trouble locating your accident report through the online system, you may also email the current Records Manager listed on the department’s website. They should be able to fulfill your request and send a digital copy of the report.

Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP Can Help Get a Copy of Your Report

Whether you require help locating your accident report or managing your claim, Armstrong Lee & Baker LLP is here to help. Our attorneys are known for their individualized approach to car accident claims.

We understand that several aspects of a victim’s life are on the line after a traumatizing injury, so we tirelessly fight for their well-being. To schedule a free consultation, please call us at 832-402-6637 or send us a message.

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