As you search the internet for “affordable personal injury lawyer in Houston,” you may feel overwhelmed by the results on the page.

There are lots of attorneys out there offering their services. Where should you turn? Is there a way to get free attorney advice within Houston, Texas?

While accidents occur every day, no one thinks about needing a personal injury attorney until the unthinkable happens. You may feel devastated by your situation and the financial stresses resulting from your injuries.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when looking for advice from a trusted personal injury attorney

What to Look for When Seeking an Affordable Personal Injury Attorney in Houston

Although each personal injury case presents different facts, most of these cases revolve around the same legal principles.

So personal injury attorneys typically apply a common cluster of legal strategies to handle claims.

Personal injury attorneys understand the tactics employed by insurance companies and opposing counsel. They also prepare every case for trial, even if your attorney believes a favorable settlement can be reached.

Additionally, these attorneys act in the best interests of their clients when pursuing compensation on their behalf. 

Knowledge of the Law 

Personal injury attorneys understand personal injury law and may practice in this area exclusively. In fact, it may be wise to retain a personal injury lawyer that focuses their practice on personal injury law.

A competent personal injury lawyer stays up to date on case law and statutory changes and applies these facts to your particular case. 


Seek an attorney that possesses experience taking cases to trial. Attorneys who don’t have trial experience may push a case to reach a quick settlement without considering other options.

While a lifetime’s worth of knowledge may not be necessary to represent you in your case successfully, an attorney you choose should prove they have successfully litigated other personal injury cases.  

Contingency Agreements 

When you meet with an attorney, be sure to discuss the manner of payment and collections for legal services. Having no fee agreement with a personal injury attorney in Houston leaves you open to a lot of heartaches.

And every reputable attorney will insist on being clear about their fee upfront. A fee agreement outlines the services the attorney contracts to provide you. 

Most personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency basis. 

A contingency fee agreement provides that your attorney gets paid only if you receive compensation in your case.

Based on the complexity and riskiness of the case, a fee agreement may provide a contingency percentage ranging anywhere from 25% to 40%.

When your attorney obtains a settlement or judgment for your case, they receive that set percentage from your award. 

In addition to legal fees, litigation costs—such as court and filing fees associated with retaining expert witnesses and receiving medical records—are also deducted from your total compensation award. 

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