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Breach of Contract

A contract is a promise. When a promise is broken, there are consequences. And in Texas, when a person or company breaches a contract — whether an employment agreement, purchase order, joint operating agreement, or some other agreement — they may be liable for all of the damages resulting from their wrongful breach.

What is a breach? Simply, a breach is any action or inaction by the other party to a contract that violates a term of the contract.

What can a non-breaching party recover? Under Texas law, a non-breaching party can recover, at minimum, their direct damages and attorney’s fees in pursuing their claim. Under certain conditions, other foreseeable damages may also be recovered, such as losses under other contracts, increased overhead costs, or other miscellaneous consequences.

Are oral contracts enforceable? A common misconception is that oral contracts are not enforceable. Not true. While contracts can be formal written documents, oral contracts are often binding, subject to certain exceptions.

Does the breach have to be intentional? No. The law does not care whether a breach is willful or merely negligent. Even if a person or company breaches a contract accidentally, they may still be responsible for any damages that they cause.

Our attorneys have broad experience representing individuals and corporations in a wide range of contractual contexts, including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Real estate purchase agreements
  • Oil & gas joint operating agreements
  • Insurance agreements
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Residential lease agreements
  • Equipment lease agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Master services agreements
  • Standards terms and conditions of sale
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Supply contracts
  • Operations and maintenance agreements
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Purchase orders

Our experienced attorneys can help identify whether you have a valid and binding contract, whether that contract was breached, and what damages to which you may be entitled. If someone has breached a contract with you, the attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker can help make you whole.

Tortious Interference

In business, whether with a manufacturer or distributor, a client or customer, a buyer or seller, every contract, every transaction and relationship is important. We know that even one failed deal can have a profound effect on your bottom line and your business.

In Texas, it is unlawful for a party to interfere with a deal or business relationship causing harm to another’s business. If someone has interfered with a current or prospective business relationship, you may be entitled to your damages, including lost profits, consequential and incidental damages, and even punitive damages.

Our attorneys have diverse experience litigating tortious interference cases in employment agreements, real estate deals, and a myriad of contractual contexts.