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What to Do When Aviation Accidents Occur

Aviation and plane accidents are rare. And air travel is statistically much safer than automotive travel. The odds of being injured or dying in an airplane accident in the U.S. are minuscule.

Unfortunately, when aviation accidents do occur, they cause devastating, often fatal consequences.

Aviation accidents can occur in a private plane, helicopters, private jets, and certain modes of transportation to job sites and oil rigs.

Assigning fault in an aviation accident is a highly complex task. It can take years of litigation to collect compensation.

Because aviation lawsuits involve multiple complicated legal and factual challenges, hiring a Houston aviation accident lawyer skilled in establishing fault, proving causation and negligence, and applying the proper laws is essential to a successful resolution.

Find an Attorney with Integrity You Can Count On

Texas victims of catastrophic aviation accidents have rights. The aviation accident attorneys at Armstrong Lee & Baker are here to protect those rights.

If you or your loved one are injured or killed in an aviation accident, we will fight passionately for your claim to financial compensation.

Our skilled attorneys understand that aviation accidents take a hefty physical, mental, and emotional toll and will never lose sight of our priority.

At Armstrong Lee & Baker, we believe in a client-focused practice. Our client’s financial and emotional hardships always come first. Your satisfaction tops our to-do list, and we always want to ensure you feel heard and supported.

Aviation accident victims should never have to deal with the aftermath of an aviation accident alone.

Our attorneys possess the skills needed to navigate complex insurance settlement negotiations and have what it takes to battle it out in court if we believe it will necessitate a better outcome.

We never shy away from a tough fight and have won millions in injury settlements and verdicts for our clients.

What Happens After an Aviation Accident

Knowing what to do if you or a loved one were injured or killed in an aviation accident can be a monumental hurdle. Immediately afterward, please make sure everyone receives a medical assessment.

Even if the accident seemed minor, seeking medical attention will ensure your health and document any injuries.

Next, consult an aviation accident attorney as soon as possible. Each state has a deadline for filing an injury or wrongful death lawsuit called the statute of limitations, and after this period has passed, you may be barred from recovering payment for your injuries.

Get Answers

Once we meet, we can answer all your pressing questions, such as:

  • What caused my accident?
  • Who is responsible for my accident?
  • Whom should I sue?
  • Where do I sue?
  • Does the airline’s home county affect my case?
  • What do I do if my aviation accident injuries are disabling? 
  • Which surviving family members can sue when an immediate family member or other relative dies in an aviation accident?

Aviation accidents are significantly more complex than other personal injury cases. Evidence can be obscured by the damage of the accident’s impact, and multiple parties can be at fault.

These are just a few reasons you need an attorney who can weave difficult facts and evidence into a compelling narrative.

We Will Fight for You

Once we take your case, we can also:

  • Investigate your claim—We will investigate everything from weather conditions and actions the pilot and cabin crew took to other important details. If your claim involves a mix of state injury laws and federal safety statutes, we will work with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and make sure we have obtained their reports.
  • Gather and preserve evidence—We will gather pictures of the plane or runway, emails from the airline or the airline’s insurance carrier, medical records, mechanical records, and photos of your injuries. We will also contact witnesses and fellow victims, preserve black box recordings, and hire experts such as pilots or air traffic controllers to testify.
  • Determine liability—We will determine who caused the accident and who is liable for your damages. Responsible parties may include the aircraft’s owner or operator, pilots and cabin crew, air traffic controllers, maintenance crews, plane manufacturers, parts manufacturers, etct.
  • Calculate damages—Taking numerous factors into account, we will determine an amount that will fully compensate you for losses like medical and hospital bills, rehabilitation and physical therapy, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), loss of consortium, funeral costs, and punitive damages.
  • Obtain fair compensation—We will advise you and protect your right to compensation every step from case inception to trial if need be while holding the negligent party accountable to prevent similar accidents in the future.

At Armstrong Lee & Baker, our proven track record speaks magnitudes. We know aviation law and understand what it takes to be successful. Choosing the right aviation attorney matters, and we promise to take your trust in us to heart.

Types of Aviation Accident Cases We Handle

We handle many different types of aviation accidents, including:

  • Commercial airline accidents;
  • Mid-air collisions;
  • Inflight injury and turbulence accidents;
  • Private plane accidents;
  • Charter plane accidents;
  • Sightseeing and tourist aviation accidents;
  • Air ambulance accidents;
  • Helicopter accidents;
  • Skydiving accidents;
  • Hang gliding accidents, and
  • Drone crashes.

If you need an aviation accident attorney in Houston, we are here to protect your rights and fight for your just compensation.

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Our attorneys understand the complex issues and laws inherent to aviation accidents and will go to bat without losing sight of the fact that we are dealing with humans.

We are here to hold the parties responsible for your damages accountable. And we never take a fee unless we win.